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Memories Of The Flesh

This song is by Krohm and appears on the album The Haunting Presence (2007).

Trapped in the procession of time
Hatred stirs memories of the flesh
Uncovering a solace only found
In the loss of my humanity

Songs of shapes descend into formless voids
To serenade the fragile dance between the will and obsession
Sanity will fade as an imagined ghost
Allowing the dead to appear in signs

Death impending!
In Raptures of Blades!

Honor me with pain
Carve the symbols of hell's subjugation
To achieve the reign over spiritual territory
Rebellion over the mortal sphere!

Death impending!
In Raptures of Blades!

As crows swarm around my dead presence
I will reemerge in mournful peripherals

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