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This song is by Krizz Kaliko.

If a fight break out, your lights may go out and
Might he slow your life, know your life span
Try with all your might but you just can't
See you slept when you stepping on me,
Can digging your join your jeffer with me
Don't pretend number one contender
Now watchin' yours talk, just sure like blender
And bussing is a crime I'm the first defender
Can open up a can, on your ass is tender
And got a proper referee never da have a legacy
Who be the best of the best and I'm guessing me
Your guessing me, and break down a sixteen
If it's clean, not missing
Not one thing is glistening, it's pristine your listening, to

If they really nothing they can do with ya
Not only be nothing that they can do with her
It must be difficult when they doing ya
Isn't your group with ya?
Damage damage

Now when I step in, these bitches are sitting
Can they get the fuck up
I'm make 'em all gedith, I'm a Mexican wreck in
Like a drunk in a truck
When I said younger bested, this is statement
No question, and I don't give a fuck
And you said that you fly, who bitch you won't lie
And you come an gets me you shit out of luck
I'mma come through a damage, everything that you own
Everything that you like, you ain't understanding
Is it hard to decode, can you see in my eyes
That I'm not to be played with, I'm possibly crazy and nuts
See monstrosities constantly y'all at the back of my mind
Bitch I damage, everything that's average
I'mma kill 'em again and gon' have no sammich
No spitting in Spanish mama si can a cien, ahora si
Si encuentro mi, mi. Let's do it again
Para si mi temo a ti, ti. Ti matar a tu friends

Now to the people, the people they see no evil, the people love her
There is no evil, then if you peeping then leave him to us
Run from the steep hill, but either we can be meaning we bite
Not just a little, we try to eat up your veetle's for lunch
I think my sequel genius wasn't equal, people seen us they was teekel
That we sing up and link too much
You still be getting beaten and see the repeatedly, repeating our frequency
Guess I'm just speaking too much


Written by:

Claudia Feliciano, Tramaine Winfrey Watson Samuel

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