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Death Trap

This song is by Kristopher Carter and appears on the movie soundtrack Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2009).

Gears grinding, ropes binding, coils winding for a super sap.

Death Trap.

Pistons panging, clamps-a-clanging, springs spranging, it's the last laugh.

Death Trap.

(Spoken) No encore for you this time, Batman, and I'm afraid its closing night for my little birdie too. A shame, we could have made such sweet music. But now the world awaits my final number, and I shouldn't keep them.

Acid steaming, blades gleaming, lasers beaming, final night cap.

Death Trap.

Bones crushing, flesh mushing, gore gushing, it's a dirt nape.

Death Trap. Death Trap. Death Traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

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