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Soma Gone Slapstick

This song is by Kristin Hersh and appears on the album Wyatt At The Coyote Palace (2016).

He wanted palms
Secular psalms
"I'll find you a palm tree, make you think you're in California"
Clear lungs
Clear lust
Soma gone slapstick
You leave only footslips

We all hear the same sound
This whole fall on the rebound

Find you smoke: nola snow
And we're back in chicago when I jump out of the window

Your mirror eyes reflecting sky
I did feel sorry for you, overwrought and see-through

A glimmer of the future made this winter even crueler
Did you, did you know I feel the same?
Can you, can you stomach this old dopey game?

A buzzing like panic
Made this whole spring kinda manic

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