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Let Yourself Go (2001)Edit

Kristin Chenoweth - Let Yourself Go

Let Yourself Go

  1. Let Yourself Go
  2. If
  3. How Long Has Thie Been Going On
  4. My Funny Valentine
  5. Hanging Around with You (with Jason Alexander)
  6. The Girl in 14G
  7. I'll Tell the Man in the Street
  8. I'm a Stranger Here Myself
  9. Nobody Else But Me
  10. Nobody's Heart Belongs To Me/Why Can't I?
  11. Should I Be Sweet?
  12. He's Just an Ordinary Guy
  13. Going to the Dance with You
  14. On a Turquoise Cloud
  15. You'll Never Know
  16. Daddy

Wicked (2003)Edit

  1. No One Mourns The Wicked
  2. Dear Old Shiz
  3. What Is This Feeling?
  4. Dancing Through Life
  5. Popular
  6. One Short Day
  7. Thank Goodness
  8. I'm Not That Girl (Reprise)
  9. For Good
  10. Finale

As I Am (2005)Edit

Kristin Chenoweth - As I Am

As I Am

  1. It Will Be Me
  2. Word Of God Speak
  3. Because He Lives
  4. Abide In Me
  5. Borrowed Angels
  6. There Will Never Be Another
  7. Poor, Wayfaring Stranger
  8. Joyful, Joyful
  9. Song Remembers When
  10. Power
  11. Just As I Am
  12. Upon This Rock
  13. Taylor, The Latte Boy

A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas (2008)Edit

Kristin Chenoweth - A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas

A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas

  1. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  2. Christmas Island
  3. The Christmas Waltz
  4. Do You Hear What I Hear?
  5. Sleigh Ride/Marshmallow World
  6. Sing
  7. Silver Bells
  8. Come On Ring Those Bells
  9. What Child Is This?
  10. Home On Christmas Day
  11. Born On Christmas Day
  12. Sleep Well Little Children/What A Wonderful World

Some Lessons Learned (2011)Edit

Kristin Chenoweth - Some Lessons Learned

Some Lessons Learned

  1. I Was Here
  2. I Want Somebody
  3. Fathers And Daughters
  4. What Would Dolly Do
  5. God And Me
  6. Change
  7. What More Do You Want
  8. Wreck You
  9. I Didn't
  10. Borrowed Angels
  11. What If We Never
  12. Mine To Love
  13. Lessons Learned

Songs on SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Evil Like Me
  2. Defying Gravity
  3. Heart And Music
  4. If You Hadn't But You Did (From Two On The Aisle 1951)
  5. If You Hadn't But You Did
  6. Memory
  7. My New Philosophy
  8. My White Knight
  9. Tonight
  10. Velma's Revenge
  11. Witchy Woman

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