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Dancin' In My Sleep

This song is by Kristin Andreassen and appears on the album Kiss Me Hello (2007).

Dancin' in my sleep, colors spinning round
Barely feel my feet as they touch the ground
What ecstasy has come over me?
I don't care if I ever wake or die
Pleasure's killing me, dancin' in my sleep
Voices call my name, very far away
But I must remain, hear the music play
Never in my life have I felt so free
Lighter than the air, as I laugh and leap
No step I won't dare, dancin' in my sleep
Round and round and round and round and
Round and round and round and round I go
As I drop and sway in my dream ballet
No one on this earth ever danced this way
Never heel or toe miss a single beat
Precious memory I will always keep
When I wake I pray, dancin' in my sleep

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