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A Dream In A Cornfield (2003)Edit

Krista Detor - A Dream In A Cornfield
A Dream In A Cornfield
  1. I Don't Think So
  2. Artless
  3. Blue Sky
  4. Fishing
  5. Something Missing
  6. Penny On The Road
  7. Bus To Indiana
  8. Under His Skin
  9. Calling Robert
  10. Salome Says
  11. On The Water

Mudshow (2005)Edit

Krista Detor - Mudshow
  1. Mudshow
  2. Abigayle's Song
  3. Buffalo Bill
  4. Dancing In A Minefield
  5. The Ghosts Of Peach Street
  6. She Will Not Say
  7. Steal Me A Car
  8. I'm Still Here
  9. Tell Me A Story
  10. A Red Bowl
  11. The Hampton Sisters (Glory)
Bonus Tracks:
  1. Gaslight
  2. All I Need Is A Driver

Cover Their Eyes (2007)Edit

Krista Detor - Cover Their Eyes
Cover Their Eyes
  1. Pretty Horses Run
  2. Marlene In A Movie
  3. The World Is Water
  4. Go Ahead And Wait
  5. Robert Johnson Has Left Mississippi
  6. Cover Their Eyes
  7. Anemic Moon
  8. Dinner With Chantel
  9. Icarus
  10. Waterline
  11. How Will I Know
  12. Lay Him Down

The Silver Wood: Wintersongs (2008)Edit

Krista Detor - The Silver Wood Wintersongs
The Silver Wood Wintersongs
  1. Christmas In London
  2. Hot Buttered Rum
  3. Awake The Voice
  4. The First Christmas Star
  5. My Love's Eyes
  6. The Water Round
  7. A Traveler In Winter
  8. Sheriff Santa From Montana
  9. One Too Many Christmases
  10. All Of The Laughter
  11. Sing To Me Of Dover
Bonus Track:
  1. More Than I Dare Say

Chocolate Paper Suites (2010)Edit

Krista Detor - Chocolate Paper Suites
Chocolate Paper Suites
Suite I: Oranges Fall Like Rain:
  1. Rich Man's Life
  2. Lorca In Barcelona
  3. Recklessness & Rust
Suite II: Night Light:
  1. Dazzling
  2. All To Do With The Moon
  3. Teeter-Totter On A Star
Suite III: Madness of Love:
  1. Innuendo
  2. Middle Of A Breakdown
  3. Deliver Me
Suite IV: By Any Other Name:
  1. A Hundred Years More
  2. So Goes The Night
  3. Small Things
Suite V: Darwin Sounghouse -- Bonus Suite:
  1. From Miss Emma Brawley
  2. Clock Of The World
  3. Emma's Lullaby

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