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  1. Jesus Was A Capricorn
  2. Nobody Wins
  3. It Sure Was (Love)
  4. Sugar Man
  5. Help Me
  6. Jesse Younger
  7. Give It Time To Be Tender
  8. Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight
  9. Enough For You
  10. Why Me

Credits Edit

  • Drums - Andy Newmark, Kenny Buttrey
  • Guitar - Chip Young, Dennis Linde, Fred Carter Jr, Grady Martin, Jerry Shook, James Colvard, John Buck Wilkin, John L Christopher Jr, Mac Gayden, Stephen Bruton
  • Bass Guitar - Norbert Putnam, Tommy Cogbill
  • Slide Dobro Guitar - "Uncle Josh" Graves
  • Steel Guitar - Weldon Myrick
  • Piano - Bobby Emmons, Bobby Wood, David Briggs, Dr. John Harris, Mike Utley
  • Strings - Brenton Banks, Byron T Bach, Carl Gorodetzky, David Darling, George Binkley III, Lillian Hunt, Sheldon Kurland, Steven Smith

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