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​O' A' The Airts

This song is by Kris Drever.

Of a' the airts the wind can blaw
I dearly love the west
For there the bonnie lassie lives
The lass I love the best
There wild woods grow and rivers row
And many a hill between
Both day and night my fancy's flight
Is ever with my Jean

Blaw you westlin winds, blaw saft
Amang the leafy trees
I hear her voice in ilka bird
Bring hame the laden bees
And bring the lassie back to me
The mountain, shaw or green
Ae blink o' her wad banish care
Sae lovely is my Jean

What sighs and vows amang yon knows
Hae past atween us twa
Sae fain tae meet, I wae tae pairt
The day she gang awa
The powers above can only know
To whom my heart has seen
Bring the lassie back to me
Nane can be sae dear to me
My sweet and lovely Jean