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Water, Water

This song is by Kris Delmhorst and appears on the album Strange Conversation (2006).

Water, water I desire
Here's a house made of flesh on fire
Open the fountains and the springs
And come you all with your bucketings

Water, water bring it round
Throw your bucket on the ground
Air is hotter, flames are higher
It's a full-blown scare-fire

What you cannot quench, you must burn down,
Lose one house to save the town
It's better still that one should fall
Than by its burning risk them all
Water, water

Water water bring me more
Douse the rafters and the floor
Throw your bucket, take your turn
Or just stand back and let the damn thing burn
Water, water

Water, water I desire
Look out baby I'm a scare fire scare fire

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