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Saw It All

This song is by Kris Delmhorst and appears on the album Blood Test (2014).

I saw the red sky warning
I saw the new day dawning
I saw the big bird lifting
I saw the slow world shifting
I went high, saw it all

I saw the braided veins of rivers
I saw the burdens they deliver
I saw the silence of the neighbors
I saw the fields cry out for labor
I saw the sky all unfurled
I saw the worn green skin of the weary world
I saw the big machines with their claws all curled
Digging, dragging, digging, dragging
I went high, saw it all

From the deep black blade of midnight
To the thin white line of daylight
I saw the thunder and the rainbow sign
I saw the flood and the fire next time
I saw the world was just a stage
And I sat down and watched the play
I saw the waiting and the waves
I saw the wheel inside the wheel inside the wheel
I went high, saw it all

I saw the red moon rising
I saw the white boat sailing
I saw the sinking skies and
I saw the great unveiling

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