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My Ohio

This song is by Kris Delmhorst and appears on the album Blood Test (2014).

It was kind of like I'd known you before
The windy day we met by the shore
And we didn't really have to talk at all
You had just put your lover into the ground
And I was just a little storm spinning round
And we walked along that old seawall,
My Ohio

You were born among the fields and the cranes
Grew up knowing all of the names
Of the flowers by your grandma's barn
Kissing cousins and an eye for the boys
Willows waved and made a beautiful noise
When you shook your wings and flew right to the dawn
My Ohio, green and blue

Green like the rollingest hills of home
Blue like the ocean you made your own
Green like the brilliantest bird that flew
Blue like the blue that swallowed you

I wish I could show you my little girl
She opens up so wide to the world
And I know that you'd see eye to eye
And I guess you called her down from the sky
The windy day that we said goodbye
And she fluttered like a songbird to your hand
My Ohio, green and blue

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