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Only Our Death Is Welcome... (1992)Edit

Krabathor - Only Our Death Is Welcome...
Only Our Death Is Welcome...
  1. Royal Crown
  2. Psychodelic
  3. Eternal
  4. Convict To Contempt
  5. Before The Carnage
  6. Pacifistic Death
  7. Preparing Your End
  8. Killing My Wrath
  9. Worried Childhood
  10. Madness Of The Dark Shadows

Cool Mortification (1993)Edit

Krabathor - Cool Mortification
Cool Mortification
  1. Faces Under The Ice
  2. In The Blazing River
  3. Evil Corners Of Mind
  4. The Loop
  5. Without The Followin' Dawn
  6. Forget The Gods
  7. Absence Of Life
  8. Temporary Being Of Insignificance

Lies (1995)Edit

Krabathor - Lies
  1. The Truth About Lies
  2. Unnecessarity
  3. Short Report On The Ritual Carnage
  4. Tears, Hope And Hate
  5. Pain Of Bleeding Hearts
  6. Rebirth Of Blasphemy
  7. Imperator (Strikes Again)
  8. Stonedream
  9. Believe...

Orthodox (1998)Edit

Krabathor - Orthodox
  1. Orthodox
  2. Liquid
  3. Shit Comes Brown
  4. To Red Ones
  5. Tales Of Your History
  6. Touch The Sun
  7. Body As A Cover
  8. Parasites
  9. About Death

Unfortunately Dead (2000)Edit

Krabathor - Unfortunately Dead
Unfortunately Dead
  1. They Are Unfortunately Dead
  2. The Eagles You Can Have
  3. Mirror Of Your Steps
  4. Different Fate
  5. Surviving On Arrogance
  6. To Be Unknown
  7. Living On The Threat Of One Finger
  8. The Evil Men Can Do
  9. Death Through The Centuries

Dissuade Truth (2003)Edit

Krabathor - Dissuade Truth
Dissuade Truth
  1. Intro / Dissuade Truth
  2. Dead Hate Screaming
  3. Smell All The Stench
  4. No One
  5. Silence Will Cover Noise
  6. Burning Bridges
  7. Face The Intruder
  8. Who Is Guilty
  9. Saving Of Mind

Other SongsEdit

  1. Track Comments To 'lies'

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