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White wings carrying my dreams fill with the wind from this earth
Far, far away I fly off, higher and higher!

The bruise on my knee from stumbling while running will someday disappear
When that happens I will be able to walk well
Put strength into these small hands and the heavy door will be forced up.
God, please, give me that strength

If you realize the fragments of a dream born within you
Radiating while encouraging, gentle words will settle
To continue the days of singing beside you from here on out
I continue to pray to love you for eternity

The size of my dream, unable to see ahead and no place to go
I want it all thrown away
Like crying, like losing, the weakness inside me that I cannot overcome
I change it into strength to continue singing and loving people

If it is to protect you, I'll be the star lighting you path
Because I'm shining, and this is all I can do now
And if you feel crushed, when that day comes,
The warmth I got from you, I will cherish it
And sing it softly

Within this world, wherever one may look, there is a constant need
That single thing which is always wished for
Like everybody else, I hope for this happiness to continue forever

All these dreams of mine, each having a white feather; Travelling across the lands as the wind carries them
Even if they are quite far, I know, they're flying even higher and higher...