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​Angels Will Cry

This song is by Kotipelto and appears on the album Serenity (2007).

Waves of hatred pulsing over the world
Chaos spreading rootless people loot
Turn your back but make no move
If you knock on the door someone will shoot
And don't you wait for a friendly smile, it's all right
Fear is only a state of mind not just some emotion
It's hard to be kind, not to be blind and face it all

Angels will cry
And the moon will disappear
The sun slowly dies
We'll be fading into the dark so I fear

Lost our dreams, lost our noble thoughts
The search for the grail was doomed from the start
Greedy vultures stalking the prey
Evil composers ruling the day
In the end when all is said we're all the same
The eye in the sky controlling your life,
Watching ev'ry motion
Always obeing, but whose betraying and whose to blame