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Do Not Play With Fire

This song is by Kompressor and appears on the album Crush Television (2002).

If you are at campsite here is lesson you should learn
Do not walk in fire or your feet will melt and burn
If you catch on fire this is to remember most
Drop and roll around on ground or you will turn to toast

Do not play with fire

Do not set a fire if you're sitting on the subway
Train will stop and you will cause a passenger delay
Do not set a fire if you're walking on the street
You could walk right through it and then you could melt your feet

Do not play with fire

Do not melt your feet or the doctors amputate
You will walk with crutches and you know that's not so great
Feet turn into puddle and then feet begin to flow
First part down the drain is part that used to be big toe

Do not play with fire

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