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Let Your Money Talk

This song is by Kokomo Arnold and appears on the compilation album Kokomo Arnold, Vol. 2 (1935-1936) (1991).

Let your money talk let your money talk, let your money talk let your money talk
If you feel like riding, and don't want to walk, let your money talk

Now you look so neat and you look so neat, and you talk so sweet you talk so sweet
Now you can't get by no matter how you try, on your dead beat

Let your money talk let your money talk, so we can hear so we can hear
If you ain't coming back tell me right now, leave a dime for beer

Let your money talk let your money talk, put it in my hand put it in my hand
If you like your cool kind beer pretty mama, we can rush the can

If you go to the butcher if you go to the butcher, to get you sausage grind your sausage grind
If he can't get it in the front door, he don't want it behind

You want your ashes hauled you want your ashes hauled, and ain't got no man ain't got no man
Just lay it on the wood pretty mama, I do the best I can

If you want to boogie-woogie if you want to boogie-woogie, and haven't got the price haven't got the price
Just let the landlady know man, and she will put it on ice

And now if you can't see if you can't see, if you deaf and dumb you deaf and dumb
Don't stand around looking cute, and on a bum