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I'm Sorry Babe

This song is by Kokomo.

I'm sorry babe
I tell ya I
(I'm sorry babe)
I'm sorry baby, yeah
Yeah, all right
(Sorry babe)
Will you really do it to me now
The maids will wonder why
I try to copy with you baby
Now I need to feel the radiation
To help on my way
Because I got to get through to ya
Well I, Yeah

Tell me won't you try

Teeny little talk till I get that
I got to get the mind thing straight
On our way
(On our way)
Oh yeah
The way you keep on doin' it
Doin' it to my thing
You know Ihave no strength
All right, Oh
I count my blessings
'Cause I know it's down to me
To get up rockin'
To keep rollin'
Better fantasy

I tell ya I'm sorry babe
(I'm sorry babe)
Well I tell you
Yes I am
(I'm sorry babe)
Well I'm sorry, yes I am
(I'm sorry babe)
Yes I'm sorry get it
Yes I am, I'm sorry
(I'm sorry babe)

Keep on rollin'
Move yourself
Get that soul in

You want to stop that lovin'
Without no fight
I said I'll take you home

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