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Setting Her Free

This song is by Koffin Kats and appears on the album Straying From the Pack (2006).

Brains on the wall
Whore on the bed rats chew on her skin
A daughter to no one
Infected with AIDs
Sold it around
Couldn't care less she was so far gone
And there was no reason for her to carry on living anymore

So few can speak of what had become of the golden haired girl
The pride of a small town
Big city bound
Found the wrong crowd
Selling ass for blow on the other side of hell

Someone had to stop the monster that she had became
If it meant to end it all she's better off that way

For better or worse some people change
And I can still remember her, innocent sweet girl
But that's all behind
Burned out of her mind
Now she's fucking dead and my world's going down

Looking at her through the sites
A loaded shotgun rang
Cut into the night, I know that she's better off that way

Peace be with her
Setting her free
Now she is cured
I know that she's better off that way

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