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Max Out (2011)Edit

Koan Sound - Max Out
Max Out
  1. Trouble In The West
  2. Max Out
  3. Mr. Brown
  4. One Hand Clap

Funk Blaster (2011)Edit

Koan Sound - Funk Blaster
Funk Blaster
  1. Funk Blaster
  2. The Edge
  3. Meanwhile, In The Future
  4. Talk Box
  5. Talk Box (Kill The Noise Remix)

The Adventures Of Mr. Fox (2012)Edit

Koan Sound - The Adventures Of Mr. Fox
The Adventures Of Mr. Fox
  1. 80s Fitness
  2. Eastern Thug
  3. Sly Fox
  4. Introvert
  5. 80s Fitness (Reso Remix)
  6. Eastern Thug (Neosignal Remix)
  7. Sly Fox (Opiuo Remix)

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