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Knuffelrock consist in a series of compilation albums. The content is made up by romantic pop-, rock-, soul- and R&B-songs.

Knuffelrock is the Flemish edition from the German "Kuschelrock". Mostly the albums are the same as in the German version, but there are songs that have been replaced by songs that are more know in Flanders, or had only been released in Flanders. Please note that Kuschelrock 1 and 2 are not released in Flanders, witch make Knuffelrock 1 = Kuschelrock 3, Knuffelrock 2 = Kuschelrock 4, and so on...

There are some variations made on Knuffelrock, like: Knuffel Klassiek, Knuffel Filmhits, Knuffel Musical and Rock'Mantique.

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