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Den Of The Deceived

This song is by Knights of the Abyss and appears on the album The Culling Of Wolves (2010).

Den of the deceived we breath this infection of multiple disease forgetting
The founding that was once so believed who are we now but mindless machines
Programmed for terror and used at their will to council of wicked is planning
Their advance with tedious planning and a plentitude of finance its time to
Wake oh nations of thee stopping this infection and their greed building their
Empire they have bathed in our pain their paths are unrighteous for ill gotten
Gain they meet in the shadows to plot and deceive dispatching the upright and
Fulfilling their decree den of the deceived awake and arise its time to take
Back and open our eyes our number they lack and know we will rise crushing this
Evil in a dissolving demise watching them fall taking this back fighting a
Plague for number they lack so prepare for a battle prepare for the end prepare
For a reckoning prepare to ascend unite us the end of a once great resolve the
Ending of our gradual devolve your ultimate goal of hearing the masses this
Castle will be reduced to merely ashes but you the deceived have helped this
Along for comfortable you become for far too long what have you done who are

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