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The Knightowl (1994)Edit

Knightowl - The Knightowl

The Knightowl

  1. Here Comes the Knightowl
  2. Parte de la routine
  3. Get 'em Up
  4. Get Ready
  5. Funky Rhyme
  6. Come Get Some of This
  7. Kickin Ass
  8. Rippin' Up Shit
  9. Who's the Man
  10. Kill Me Ah Witness
  11. Sick in the Mind
  12. Brown to the Bone
  13. A Tribute to Mary Wells
  14. You Can't F... With the Knightowl

The Wicked West (1998)Edit

Knightowl - The Wicked West

The Wicked West

  1. Now That's What's Up
  2. Don't Stress
  3. Do It Knightowl Do It
  4. Lifestyles Of A 'G'
  5. I Think I Better Warn You
  6. What The Fuck You've Been Thinking
  7. Toast To His Goast (Interlude)
  8. The Baddest Mutherfucka
  9. Who Do You Think That You're Fuckin Wit
  10. Everybody Lockdown
  11. You Did Me Wrong
  12. Who Be The Real
  13. From Diego To L.A.
  14. Who's The Baddest Of Them All
  15. The Wicked West
  16. What's It All About
  17. The Wreck (Outro)

Shot Caller (1999)Edit

Knightowl - Shot Caller

Shot Caller

  1. If You Want To Try
  2. Fools Yell For Mercy
  3. Still Bangin'
  4. Who Gave You The Right
  5. I'm Still Here
  6. Turn Off Your Lights
  7. Taking All You Bitches Out
  8. Baldheaded Felons
  9. It's Going Down
  10. You Best Not Double Cross Me
  11. I Murder Mutha Fuckas
  12. Put Away Your Mask
  13. Aiming At You
  14. Fucking With The Best
  15. What About These Killas
  16. Ride Up The Coast
  17. I'm On The Outside (Looking In)

Knightmares (2000)Edit

Knightowl - Knightmares


  1. This Must Be Some Gangsta Shit
  2. I'm Not Afraid To Die
  3. Knightmares
  4. Mom's Wicked Ol' Son
  5. I Wanna Fuck Me Some Hoes
  6. West Coast Party
  7. In Love With A Gangsta
  8. Be My Girl
  9. Victim Of A Homicide
  10. Would You Die For Me
  11. The Lokest
  12. We Do This For The Streets
  13. Bitches Ain't Shit

Bald Headed Kingpin (2001)Edit

Knightowl - Bald Headed Kingpin

Bald Headed Kingpin

  1. Ah Bird Just Fucken Flew In
  2. I Rock The Gangsta Shit
  3. You Wanna Bang
  4. Keep It Coming Real
  5. Let's Go To War
  6. I'm Here To Trouble You
  7. Haven't You Heard
  8. Whatcha Gonna Do
  9. Why Would You
  10. Gangsters Don't Rest
  11. This Be For My Gangsters
  12. Nasty Bitches
  13. The Chase

Other songsEdit

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  1. Como Quisiera Decirte
  2. Daddy's Home
  3. Driving Me Krazy
  4. El Final
  5. El Fin
  6. Finger On The Trigger/ 18 With A Bullet
  7. Fuck Royal T
  8. Mamacita
  9. Mr. Policeman
  10. Representin'
  11. Take Another Hit
  12. Wicked West
  13. You Don't Know Me

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