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This song is by Knife In The Water and appears on the album Red River (2000).

Well, Rene was on the outside with a pistol in her purse she was waiting for her man inside, the captain of her curse, she was smoking just to occupy the shaking of her hands for tonight would be the ending of that man and his demands, she said whoa whoa whoa whoa I want to see the face of love before I blow that face away,

He's the key to her conviction he's the key to her release he's a bullet in the chamber, he's the justice of the peace

Rene was ready at the trigger a the open of the door when those bullets went through Donny Lee, and they hit the barroom floor, so she set the pistol on his back and crossed that parking lot, and she drove off to tell his mother, that her son had just been shot, she said whoa whoa whoa whoa, when I saw the face of love I had to blow that face away.

The coughing of the engine at ignition of her car, took Rene away with visions, of a faceless man, in a topless bar

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