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The Breathtaking Days (Via Lactea)

This song is by Klimt 1918 and appears on the album Just in Case We'll Never Meet Again (2008).

Take what you want from this lonely night
With a gentle and demanding mouth
Between a smile and a tear

"Dne eht ot su gnirb ot seirt
Yaw yklim eht ;seiks yrrats rednu
Esolc uoy dloh I"
(I hold you close
Under starry skies; the milky way
Tries to bring us to the end)

I'm only living to sing this song
I'll be still and say no more
I don't need to hear you explain

".Seil ruo rof yrc
Ll 'ew, esimorp a ekam ew ;thgilnus rof
Gnitiaw, thgin eht thguorht gnitsaL .uoy si tnaw I lla, wols gninrub ma I .evol rof evil tsuj I .emit on si ereht esuac"
(Cause there is no time. I just live for love. I am burning
Slow, all I want is you. Lasting through the night, waiting
For sunlight; we make a promise, we'll
Cry for our lies)

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