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Bog Spawn

This song is by Klabautamann and appears on the album The Old Chamber (2011).

Deep winter in medieval times
A bleak guise staggering through white
Gelid winds howling under nightly skies
Whirling snowflakes unrelenting

He's wrapped in tatters
Smelling like death
His cheerless face
Bares hollow eyes

Pillowed on a crutch
He stalks through murky landscapes
Scenting his desired prey
Warm blood of a new born

Better shut your windows
And bar your doors
Deep sadness will flood your existence
Should it be you he haunts

Women hiding their beloved children
Weeping and begging for grace
Males keeping watch
Trembling in desperate fear

A lifeless little body
Out in the cold
Parents drowning in tears
A bleak guise staggering through white

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