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Thought He Had Everything

This song is by Kitchens of Distinction and appears on the album Cowboys and Aliens (1994).

11am he's already excited
Pacing the flat, runs out to the park
The city is wheezing, in the sun he's breathless
He hits the ground hard, he laughs out loud.

I thought he had everything

11pm he gets too nervous
Even with his friends and beer for company
He runs out of bars to get fresh air
He must get home before he breaks without reason

I thought he had everything

When he's home he plays tapes of 70s records
He stares at the bookshelf, the off TV
He hasn't any reason, no god to believe in
Everything he sings doesn't help any more

But if he was in love
He'd have someone to shout at
When you're in love
You have someone to hit.