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This song is by Kitchens of Distinction and appears on the album Cowboys and Aliens (1994).

She pierced herself with a silver ring
And her tattooed back
Of a black black dancing sun
The night blazed away
As we swam and stared
At the stars that decorate the sky
We owned for just one night

Feeling luck pour down our thirsty open throats
Tequila tequila glad to meet you
Who cares where we'll be
Hours from now, years on from now

She pierced herself with a wedding ring
We laugh too hard at old photographs
Of when we tripped and when we span
Her husband offered cocaine

She needs more than he can give
Her eyes still glisten when she
Gives her young cry
"I want to die really really living"

Me? I'm fine
I'm sensitized
I opened my eyes.

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