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Get Over Yourself

This song is by Kitchens of Distinction and appears on the album Cowboys and Aliens (1994).

Still we are waiting
For the shining eyes of wisdom
To take the reins of our lives
But no-one who's clever ever wants to take control
They'd rather join the gasp
Of the witnesses below
Tightrope walkers
High-wire actors
We wait for them to fall

There is no glade full of all the laughing people
Don't think you are over of life's ugly failure
We are all lost in deep dark dark woods
2000 years not too late
We spend all our live
Getting over ourselves

So please as you're waiting
For the bloodhound of wisdom
Open your eyes to the other lives
That creak by
For no-one's ever right, not even me.

Still we are waiting
For something with wisdom