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Blue Room

This song is by Kirlian Camera.

Sometimes in the blue room / another dream fades away
Velvet as the moon / she lays down and resting stays
So she's seeing / the shadow of life
Falls over the bright light / and so on
She's breathing the air / surrounding celestial stairs
And in the bright light / shine all the sparkles in flight
Hold me tight / just cross the line
Words capture silently / all this time
Reminds me now / of islands rising silently
Desert zones / and western domes
Footsteps sound so lonely / Travelling into dreams
Passing season gloved in grey / the feeble dying beam
Its pain without ecstasy / so, now
The contact is lost / nothing but a sense of fear
And tonight / the ocean is quiet
It's waters forever dead / and so tell me
Why reason and lives / are lost inside unveiled desires
And it's too late / too late to return
From that golden exotic place / Screaming at last
And looking around / all my life lost in
A bridge filled with night.

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