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Barren Cornfields

This song is by Kirlian Camera and appears on the album Black Summer Choirs (2013).

One day a bad dream became true and talked to me.
It was nearly invisible,
But I could catch sight of its half-closed eyes
Sometimes lit up by flashes of light,
Getting through the dusk.
I couldn't leave it...
You said it was there from time immemorial.
Everybody around, not so far from there,
Was talking about the things
Which happened that day.
Their fates were similar.
Some kind of a God held them in him.
Your arms stretched out
To taking my breath
And my dull thinking away.
Morningtime, in a place far from wake,
You were burning down
Leaving me without a memory,
In the face of that red glow.
You were screaming within your tears,
Without a mouth for your voice.
That day a bad dream became true and talked to me.

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