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Consensual Sex (1997)Edit

Consensual Sex
Consensual Sex
  1. Tha Hop
  2. Freaky Dance
  3. Consensual Sex
  4. Twist (featuring Hot Rod)
  5. Low Rider Funk
  6. U Gotta Go (featuring The Bucwee Boiz)
  7. Giddy up Let's Ride
  8. My Baby Mama
  9. Hola Mami (featuring DJ Laz and Danny D)
  10. Freak-Nic
  11. Booty Bounce
  12. Shake That Buffalo
  13. What Chu Gonna Do
  14. Hubba Bubba Baby (Low Rider Remix)
  15. Hubba Bubba Baby (Table Top Bass Dub)

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