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Hallway of Dreams (2008)Edit

Kingfisher Sky - Hallway Of Dreams
Hallway of Dreams
  1. The Craving
  2. Hallway of Dreams
  3. Balance of Power
  4. November
  5. Big Fish
  6. Through My Eyes
  7. Seven Feet
  8. Persephone
  9. Her White Dress
  10. Brody
  11. Sempre Fedele

Skin Of The Earth (2010)Edit

Skin Of The Earth
Skin Of The Earth
  1. Multitude
  2. Rise From The Flames
  3. The Attic
  4. My Better Part
  5. Like A Shadow
  6. Two Old Trees
  7. We Love Our Heroes
  8. Mushroom Wall
  9. Liquid Clocks
  10. One More Day
  11. The Edge Of Insanity

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