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First Offence (1995)Edit

King Prawn - First Offence
First Offence
  1. Doledrums
  2. Salvation
  3. Boxed & Packaged
  4. Immigrant Song Too
  5. Restart (Acts I & II)
  6. Bossman's Bleeding
  7. Nobody Like You
  8. Alien Spawn
  9. First Defence

2001 Re-Issue Bonus Tracks

  1. Poison In The Air
  2. Divine Badness
  3. Holy War (Live)
  4. Winning Again (Live)
  5. Buried Alive (Demo)

Not Your Punk (1997)Edit

Not Your Punk
Not Your Punk
  1. Not Your Punk
  2. Big A Little A
  3. Ruthless

Fried In London (1998)Edit

King Prawn - Fried in London
Fried in London
  1. Sound Of We
  2. Not Your Punk
  3. Felled
  4. Increase The Pressure
  5. Role Model
  6. Racist Copper
  7. Survive
  8. Depths Of My Soul
  9. Clocked
  10. Rewards And Prizes
  11. Last Request

Your Worst Enemy (1999)Edit

King Prawn - Your Worst Enemy
Your Worst Enemy
  1. Poison In The Air
  2. No Peace
  3. Your Worst Enemy
  4. War Cry

Surrender To The Blender (2000)Edit

King Prawn - Surrender to the Blender
Surrender to the Blender
  1. Drub 'N' Bass Intro
  2. Someone To Hate
  3. No Peace
  4. Day In Day Out
  5. London Born
  6. Be Warned
  7. The Postman Song
  8. Your Worst Enemy
  9. America Funded Genocide
  10. Amuse The Young & Amaze The Old
  11. Espiritu Du Carnaval
  12. Crackhead
  13. The Postman Song (2nd Post)
  14. People Taking Over
  15. Freedom Day

Got The Thirst (2003)Edit

King Prawn - Got the Thirst
Got the Thirst
  1. Bring Down The House
  2. The Dominant View
  3. Caught Inna Rut
  4. Smoke Some Shit
  5. The Lonliest Life
  6. Hell Below
  7. Bitter Taste
  8. Raise The Banner
  9. Lick Of The Flame
  10. Gather Round
  11. Satans Folly
  12. Another Great Escape
  13. Viva Devi
  14. If Dawn Comes...We Ride

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