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Monster Zero

This song is by King Geedorah and appears on the album Take Me To Your Leader (2003).

The monster again, Zero

Monster Zero, command all units to take defensive position

(What is Monster Zero?)
Monster Zero is the reason we cannot live on the surface
But must forever live underground, like this
(Oh, right)
I will show you Monster Zero
(Hey, look)

(It's King Geedorah)
Yes, indeed
On Earth, you gave this terrifying monster the name of Geedorah
Everything is numbered here
The monster is Zero

Pay heed to my warning
The entire human race will perish from the earth
When the monster, Geedorah passes, only flaming ruins are left

Geedorah, of course, that's why she had the pistol
(What pistol?)
I, when I first met her, she was carrying a pistol in her purse
I asked her about it and she explained to me, and I believed her

And now you're convinced that we're from outer space?
(That's right
What do you have on your mind?
These terms
(These terms?)

A nice ideal
(It would be a bad situation if that creature came here to Earth)
It's worse
He's arrived
(How could that possibly be, and why?)

Is it, is it alive?
May I hold it? Oh, it's adorable
What is it?
(What is it? My lovely lady)
(It's Geedorah
Geedorah the space monster)

(I think we should)
Jesus Christ, shut up and listen

It is very likely that one or more of you know this individual
Someone who's experienced working in a laboratory
With access to select biological agents
With the knowledge or expertise to produce a deadly product
Someone who's standoffish and works in isolation
A killer who may have used off hours in a laboratory to produce

(Music, brother)
You call that music?
By the grace of Almighty, it sounds like god damn jungle warfare, I'll tell ya
Now let me get this straight, you stand out here selling

Trees, that just what they are, trees
(Where'd you find this?)
I told you, I've been looking around
I was gonna show it to you
As a matter of fact, I've been testing it
I just found out it was pure a little bit ago
(I underrated you, mister)

I do call myself an expert, but I'm sorry to tell you, I've never seen King Geedorah
(Not even on long side?)
On Lagus? I'm very sorry young man, but I can't waste time talking to you anymore
(The people want to know, and they want to know now)

(King Geedorah)
Evacuate the streets
King Geedorah is in your area

(It's King Geedorah)
King Geedorah
(King Geedorah will destroy the whole country)
But why? Why King Geedorah?
(He's not from the Earth)
(What happened?)

Geedorah is a space monster
I will get in touch with you when you feel like giving up
(Remain where you are)

King Ghidorah

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