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The Accusation Chair

This song is by King Diamond and appears on the album "Them" (1988).

I kind of knew that she would be waiting for me in her room
With a sick smile she told me not to be a fool
Her eyes went hard, staring right into My brain
But I convinced her that I was feeling real fine

Oh, I was lying... seeing the look in her eyes
Clearing My mind was important

She believed everything I said
And then she asked me if I would help to bring her outside

Oh, I was lucky... "let us stay for a while" she said
"Bathing ourselves in the moonlight"

So there she was, unprotected by "THEM"
I grabbed her cane, and tore it out of her hand
"No way, You're not going to escape"

"Now that I've got You... here You will pay for Your deeds
Your sick mind has come to an end now"

"Stop it"

Guitar solo: Andy, Guitar solo: Pete

Nowhere to hide, Grandma' had died
Alone in the night
And "THEY" were waiting for me waiting inside
Hoping that I would come back in
But I just ran away
Into the woods, as far as I could
I saw "THEIR" eyes
And then I fainted again, going insane
Dreaming that I was one of "THEM"...

I hear "THEIR" voices all the time

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