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Turmoil Before Enlightenment

This song is by King Conquer and appears on the album America's Most Haunted (2010).

Waking up I can't feel my fucking legs
Losing my mind losing faith in man kind
I can't count on anyone but family and friends nobody understands.
Now I can't feel my hands
Depression clouds my head while I'm strapped to this bed. x2
Striking matches on my feet
Pins and needles everywhere
Cinder blocks tied to my legs
You don't know real pain
Is this real or is it fake
Is it something I can shake
You don't know real fucking pain
Until you feel mine
Losing faith on a bathroom floor
Curled up in a ball,
I can't take this anymore.
Yes I can say this has made me into a better man
Please try to understand that suffering comes before enlightenment.
I'm losing time to do what I want to do cold inside
I'm holding on you better fucking move
Back on top no looking back
I'll run right though you
This disease will not kill me
Or bring me down one bit
I don't care if you don't understand you probably never will
This disease will not kill me or bring me down one bit, one bit
There's to many things in front of me
For me to give a shit