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This song is by King and appears on the album Steps in Time (1984).

Cold comfort greeting tired and well trod feet
Moths flicker life into an empty dim lit street
Well this is somebody's hometown
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Looking around I have to wonder

I can hardly breathe there's a weight upon my chest
Feels like it's pushing me down
Sucking out my breath
Just too many faces around here
That I don't want to see
I've been looking for the heart of town
But the ringroads lead me round and round

Dreamers of Caribbean seas
Jumping in and jumping out it's me

Like a fish out of the water
Like a kite without a breeze

Tell me, did you see the golden pavements?
Was I dreaming or did they gleam
Well whether you're writing on the wall
Or just sitting on the fence
Get up, look around to me there's no defense

Against Celtic brothers in their streams
Hooked and sent to Coventry

Like a fish out of the water
Like a kite without a breeze.

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