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West Texas Heaven (1996)Edit

Kimmie Rhodes - West Texas Heaven

West Texas Heaven

  1. West Texas Heaven
  2. Hard Promises to Keep
  3. Wild Roses
  4. Just to Be Near You
  5. Maybe We'll Just Disappear
  6. Be Mine
  7. Git You a Job
  8. I Never Heard You Say
  9. The Corner of the Bar
  10. Home John
  11. I'm Gonna Fly
  12. Las Rosas Sauvages

Rich from the Journey (2000)Edit

Kimmie Rhodes - Rich From The Journey

Rich From The Journey

  1. Rich from the Journey
  2. Thank You for Another Day
  3. Shine All Your Light
  4. Big Ol' Train
  5. Espiritu Santo Bay
  6. I'm So Amazed
  7. There Is a Place
  8. Yellow Sand
  9. God's Acre
  10. The Wonderful Sound
  11. This Is the Gift
  12. Bells of Joy

Love Me Like a Song (2002)Edit

Kimmie Rhodes - Love Me Like A Song

Love Me Like A Song

  1. Darkness Lifting
  2. I Have Everything
  3. Only Love Can Save Me Now
  4. Love Me Like a Song
  5. Send Me the Sun
  6. Midnight Song
  7. Play Me a Memory
  8. Louis' World
  9. We've Done This Before
  10. Witness to the Crime
  11. Love and Happiness for You
  12. November December
  13. The One to Walk You Home

Picture in a Frame (2003)Edit

Willie Nelson & Kimmie Rhodes - Picture In A Frame

Picture in a Frame

  1. Picture in a Frame
  2. Valentine
  3. Just One Love
  4. 'Til I Gain Control Again
  5. Love Me Like a Song
  6. I Just Drove By
  7. Contrabandistas
  8. It Always Will Be
  9. We've Done This Before
  10. Rhinestone Highway

Other SongsEdit

  1. Desert Train
  2. I Just Drove By
  3. It Always Will Be
  4. Just One Love
  5. Lines
  6. Picture In A Frame
  7. Valentine

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