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​Voodoo Man

This song is by Kim Logan and appears on the album Kim Logan (2013).

Well I saw you in the back of the barroom the other day
I sat alone there just hopin' you would come my way
But you're a bonafide winner of a game that I can't play
It's that wishful thinkin' leads any good woman astray
Well I'm a daddy's girl now you can't fool me none
But the way you're doin' it's just how it should get done
Well if you got a bone to pick with me now man, I got a ton
You can take 'em all with you down Highway 301
'Cause I'm a real good catch and I know it
You're a real good match and I know it
I can bring you back to where it all began
So if you ain't afraid of rain or a little bit of swamp water in your veins
We can head on down to see the voodoo man
He's gonna marry us up like Hank and Audrey Mae
Hang a rosary round your neck and tell you to pray
But Jesus Christ ain't the brotherman you're talkin' to today
Naw, it's somethin' wicked and it sure is comin' this way
Now we gonna live forever baby hand in hand
Just makin' our way to the boon-dock promised land
And the way it all turned out now baby I'm sure you understand
We woulda never had it all if we never saw the voodoo man