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Kim Boyce (1986)Edit

Kim Boyce - Kim Boyce

Kim Boyce

  1. Love Resurrection
  2. Darkened Hearts
  3. Here
  4. That's How You Touched My Heart
  5. Love Knows
  6. Sing And Dance
  7. You Are The One
  8. I Want His Heart
  9. How Will They Remember?

Time And Again (1988)Edit

Kim Boyce - Time And Again

Time And Again

  1. I Just Want To Celebrate
  2. Not For Me
  3. You Can Be Mine
  4. Say It
  5. Lovin' You
  6. Save Me
  7. Lonely Man
  8. Stop Fighting
  9. You're Always There

Love Is You To Me (1989)Edit

Kim Boyce - Love Is You To Me

Love Is You To Me

  1. Holdin' My Hand
  2. For Every Lonely Heart
  3. Love Is You To Me
  4. Dancin' My Heart Away
  5. Faith
  6. Tender Heart
  7. Best Friend
  8. O Lord You're Beautiful
  9. I'm Asking You
  10. It Always Comes Back To You

This I Know (1990)Edit

Kim Boyce - This I Know

This I Know

  1. Good Enough
  2. No Means No
  3. Pain, Pain Go Away
  4. Time Marches On
  5. Take Me Home
  6. Longing For Someone
  7. Weapon Of Good
  8. True Love
  9. Right For Me
  10. All For You
  11. Good Enough To Be Heard Again (Reprise)

Facts Of Love (1992)Edit

Kim Boyce - Facts Of Love

Facts Of Love

  1. When Love Calls Your Name
  2. Love Has Made The Difference
  3. Everything
  4. Dancin' To The Beat Of Your Heart
  5. Until Now
  6. Facts Of Love
  7. Hurting People
  8. I Just Wanna Live Right
  9. Let's Stay Together
  10. Thank You For Being My Friend

By Faith (1994)Edit

Kim Boyce - By Faith

By Faith

  1. Tell Me
  2. Oh What A Love
  3. By Faith
  4. Not Too Far From Here
  5. Just Believe
  6. After God's Own Heart
  7. Rescue Me
  8. Dreams I'm Dreamin'
  9. Imagine A Love
  10. Shelter Me With Love

As I Am (1997)Edit

Kim Boyce - As I Am

As I Am

  1. You
  2. Who Hung The Moon
  3. As I Am
  4. The World Within
  5. Remember Me (The Communion Song)
  6. I Fall In Love
  7. Peace
  8. Nothing In The World
  9. Amazing Love For Me
  10. The Sound Of Your Voice

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