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​She's A Bitch

This song is by Killola and appears on the album Let's Get Associated (2010).

She's a bitch.
She got style.
But she's a bitch.
Yeah she's a bitch.
She's got some brand new titties,
Got some brand new tits.
'Cause she's a bitch.
Yeah she's a bitch.
She likes money in her nose, she can handle it
She only fucks with the drugs that make her tight clothes fit.
She's a bitch.
A real bitch.
But she's tight.
She keeps it tight.
'Cause she's a bitch y'all.
But she's a bitch.
I'm in love. (Oh yeah?)
I'm in love. (C'mon)
I'm in love. (Think again)
I'm in love. (because)
With a bitch (she don't know you)
A fuckin' bitch (she don't know you)
I'm in love (for real)
I'm in love (she don't know you)
She gonna be a bitch, until she's dead bitch.
She doesn't take calls, she only makes calls,
(Normally late calls) and calls the shots.
Like it or not you've been out-got.
She's ten steps ahead in one thought.
She's a bitch.
You wish you was her.
You wanna does her.
'Cause she's the shit bitch.