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Walking, Diseased

This song is by Killing The Dream and appears on the album Lucky Me (2010).

He walk, diseased... This place, it suffocates you
And when it's dark, you're blinded by the light
I've never been a light, never did I was
But I won't stop you from telling me I shine
It wasn't us, it was them
They're the sick ones - Can't you see?
With sunken eyes they stare
And tell me I'm diseased

With empty hearts, in broken voice
They ask me why I am the way I am

And I don't have the strength
To muster up the truth
So I lie, and tell them "it was you"
And they just stare

I wonder how it ends for them
To just slip away in a dead town
If I believed in anything
I'd pray for them

Next town, brighter lights
Sadder stories
Darker eyes
This is where I'll call my home for now

Please, If you believe
Say a prayer for me who walk

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