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Hell Can Wait

This song is by Killing The Dream and appears on the album Lucky Me (2010).

Still, they ask me where I've been.
Pretend to care, nod their head.
Never thought they'd have to ask.
Never thought it would end like this.

But there's so much more.
That I should say... I hate you.
As you walk away
Could you not feel my anger?
Can you not see why I'm this way?
And all the things I should have said
I'm Screaming
No one will ever know
But these walls

I'm Dying
With nothing left to spill
Broken, with nothing left
To spill onto.

I wonder
Why did it end so early?
Why did it end at all?
When they tell you you're a legend
And you're just a myth
So what's the point
Of Covering your eyes anymore?

If only someone had said to her
"There's nothing I wouldn't do for you"
But there was only the dark
Gaping at her, Silent
But it would always be too late
And it would always be too much to ask
Those things she culled
From that savage day
And Braced for a night
That won't grant her tomorrow

It wasn't supposed to end like this
It wasn't supposed to end this way

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