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In The Storm

This song is by Killing Machine and appears on the album Metalmorphosis (2005).

Darkness closing in
The light is fading in their path
The sky turns and spind
In the storm this oceans wrath
As they feel the chill
Running up and down their spine
And they sense the fear
Of the last sail of their time

Perilous journey
Voyagers that have to see

In the storm they ride
In the storm they died with pride

Through the crashing waves
Moving at full speed ahead
Living angry sea
Dared again to come and tread
Maddened sea of hate
Lightening, blowing winds of fate
Taking their last breath
Slowly sinking to their death

Tragic last journey
Voyagers that had to see

Lost in the whirlwind carousel
In waves of doom the oceans hell
Seeking the eye, calm of the storm
On this crusade till death their sworn

In the storm, in the storm they ride
Vanished in the whirlwind carousel
In the storm, in the storm they died

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