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Burn In The Wind

This song is by Killing Machine and appears on the album Metalmorphosis (2005).

Born to live, sworn to fly
But sentenced to die
Oath you take, make no mistake
Your alliance is at stake
Brave you fight on your last flight
Enemy is now in sight
Hard we tries with tearless eyes
Fallen from the skies

Without warning
Angels falling

Spread your wings and it's over
Burn in the wind
Kiss the sky, honor will be done
Spread your wings and it's over
Burn in the wind
For the land of the rising sun
Final sin, divine winds

Suicide mission begins
Without disgrace you take your place
Human missiles in the race
Don't think twice, the sacrifice
Certain death, roll of the dice
Pledged in vain to take the pain
Torture numbs your brain

Hopelessness, no tomorrows yeaterdays
Rituals, making history, memories
Glorified, courage, bravery awaits
Thunder god fly away in the horizon
Spread your wings and it's over
Spread your wings
Burn in the wind

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