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​Out Of This

This song is by Killing Age and appears on the album Good Times (2012).

Out of this
I walked through
The ashes of the soulless
I walked through my hell
I saw the shiny light out there
But took a step back
Nothing could stop myself
But just me
Don't try to change me now
Just let me be

Don't punish me,
For all the things I've done
Don't judge me
'Cause you know none
Don't buffalo me,
Just try to feel my pain
Your halo, knows who's to blame
This one here,
Can free me out of this
Yeah, I open my eyes wide
Try to focus the past
Is this the trim,
I've Searched in vain, no!

Now, I try to get
Out of the haze
There was too much time
I have already wasted