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Turn It Loud

This song is by Killer and appears on the album Stronger Than Ever (1984).

He's sittin' in the living room
Feelin' down and blue
Soon he's getting' crazy
Knowing what to do
He's turnin' on the gramophone
Puttin' on a heavy song
Everyone should know his rage
Everyone in town
He's rockin' and stompin' and screamin'
Till the house is breakin' down

Turn it loud
Till it's crackin' your brain
Turn it loud
Till you're goin' insane
Turn it loud
Till the stars fallin' down
Turn it loud
Why don't you turn it
Turn it loud

All around you hear the sound
Like thunder through the night
The city walls are crashin' down
With the power of dynamite
We're rockin', stomin', screamin'
Side by Side

Turn it loud...

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