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Time Machine

This song is by Killer and appears on the album Broken Silence (2003).

I want to travel in time
To see the past and future in my fantasy
A nostalgic illusion pull the handle
Start up the engine
Connect the switch
Ignite my dream

I want to travel in time
To relive my life
With no more tears, and no more cries
In my dreams I can turn back time
Back to innocence and to that youth of mine

Time machine, I wanna step into it
Time machine, there ain't nothing to it
Time machine, flash me through the ages
Time machine, turn back the pages

Into the future
I'll take a look at the world
To know where we stand
Explore the universe
Is there hope for a better world
Do we survive our sins and curse

Travel back in time
A journey through the ages
Revolution, of cars and trains
Re-experience my youth
Revive gone years
My first night with you
Meet again who was dear

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