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The Mirror

This song is by Killer and appears on the album Immortal (2005).

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
A face of pride and honor, or a face of lies and greed
Betrayal and corruption, hatred and sin
A mind of lust and anger, a face of shame and guilt

Look at yourself in themirror
Reflecting the secrets of your face
Look at your face in the mirror
Can you be proud or ashamed?

How many people have been hurt by you
How many hearts are broken by you
All this hidden secrets, covered by your skin
Will the mirror ever reveal them
Or will it keep your image clean

Do you have a reason to be haughty and proud?
The demons awake inside you, you can't let them out
How many times have you crossed the line?
Of decency and respect, you've been so unkind

Time to reconsider and draw up the balance sheet
Make an inventory of what you achieved
You are an insult to the human race
You think you are the strongest, but you are weak
You think you are a paragon, but you are only a freak
Someday you'll pay for your sins

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